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UPDATE: Antonio Brown Agrees to Terms with…

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Renewed DE Charles Harris ready to shine for Miami...

Since yesterday there have been another half-dozen or so developments in the Antonio Brown saga, culminating in an Instagram post this morning asking for his release from the Raiders.

As of now, as noted on Over The Cap and PFT, the Raiders have not paid Brown a dime, and the fines and letters written give them the right to void his guarantees, which they have apparently done. After apologizing and declaring his desire to be a Raider just yesterday, Brown has now vowed not to play for them.

With two days still remaining before their opener, more is bound to happen. At this point, nothing at all would shock me, up to and including him showing up unannounced for the game on Monday, suiting up in an attempt to guarantee his 2019 salary, and then running into the wrong end zone on purpose.

Perhaps this is the world’s most clever/annoying marketing ploy. Or perhaps he’s just flat out insane.

In any event, should the Raiders cut him, they may not bother going to the trouble of trying to keep him off of other teams. At this point, it’s possible that nobody would even want him.

If he does become a free agent, would you want him on your team?

UPDATE: At noon Eastern time, the Raiders announced they have officially released Antonio Brown.


Terms are reportedly one year, up to $15 million, $9-million signing bonus. He will not be eligible to play until Week 2.

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