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Is the Super Bowl still within reach for the…

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Is the Super Bowl still within reach for the...

Well, you don’t need a great regular season to win it all. The Dallas Cowboys lead the division with a 6-7 record. Is the Super Bowl still within reach?

This 2019 season is surely one to forget for Dallas Cowboys fans … at least the regular season is. There are only three weeks left of the regular season, with Dallas still leading the NFC East despite a losing record.

There have been only two teams (that played at least 10 games) that won the Super Bowl without winning 10 games. The 2011 New York Giants had a record of 9-7 and the 1967 Green Bay Packers had a record of 9-4-1. The 1982 Washington Redskins were 8-1 but played nine games.

After losing to the Chicago Bears on Thursday, Dallas can’t get 10 wins this season. Can the Cowboys join the teams to win a Super Bowl without 10 wins in a season?

The Regular Season

There is only one thing that matters about the regular season. That is to go get a good enough record to make the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys are lucky enough where they can lead the division despite a losing record.

There are not many times a team can pull that off. With three games left in the season though, the 6-7 record could become 9-7 at best. The chances of that aren’t great, but not bad either.

Next week the Cowboys play the Los Angeles Rams. They have been another team that had a huge amount of praise coming into the season but has been inconsistent. This game is not a must-win though.

The must-win game is in Week 16 against the Philadelphia Eagles. With both teams tied for the lead in the NFC East, Dallas only leads because of their record against their division rivals. A loss in Week 16 will make things much harder for Dallas.

If the Cowboys can win against the Eagles, and then win one against either the Rams or the Washington Redskins who they play in Week 17, they will make the playoffs. Either way a win in Philly is crucial to make the playoffs.

Now, the chances of Dallas making the playoffs is simply the chances of winning two of those three games. I would say based on that, there’s a good chance them Boyz will make it, but let’s not get too comfortable yet.

What a Team

The 2019 roster for the Dallas Cowboys is amazing … at least on paper. They came into the season with questions only at defensive tackle and safety and maybe tight end. This was then solved with safety Xavier Woods stepping up and the acquisition of defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

The Cowboys have a top running back, pass rusher, wide receiver, cornerback, and a young core of linebackers. Some people questioned quarterback Dak Prescott, but his play this season is very good. With this great roster, they still manage to have a losing record.

The team is playing as bad as it is as a result of the coaching. I guess you can’t completely blame the coaches since they aren’t the ones on the field, but they haven’t set this team up for success. I think this is easily a top team in the league on paper.

Because of that, the Cowboys do have the ability to win the Super Bowl. It will be a very tough couple of games, but it’s up to the coaching to put the pieces together. Right now, Dallas is playing as bad as they possibly can.

From here, the Dallas Cowboys’ play can only get better, and that will be based on how the coaching changes because it needs to. This should give fans hope that they can turn it up if they make the playoffs.

As of right now, the path to the playoffs is looking very tough. A wildcard game against the Seattle Seahawks, a division game against the San Francisco 49ers, and then likely an NFC Conference game against either the Green Bay Packers (of course) or the New Orleans Saints.

As far as matching up roster vs roster, I am not scared of any team in the way. As far as how the teams have been playing, I’m scared of every team in the way. The playoffs are completely different from the regular season so we will see how things pan out.

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So … is the Super Bowl within reach for the Dallas Cowboys? I would say they can win the Super Bowl, but I don’t think they will. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Is the Super Bowl still within reach for the Dallas Cowboys?

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