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A suspension is possible for Vontaze Burfict –…

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A suspension is possible for Vontaze Burfict –...

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Ejected from Sunday’s win over the Colts, Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict could, in theory, be suspended on Monday.

It’s standard practice for the league office to review for potential discipline on Monday illegal hits from Sunday. And even though Burfict was sent to the showers prematurely on Sunday, Burfict could be told to stay away from next Sunday’s game against the Bears in London.

Burfict’s history will be a factor in a potential suspension. Last year alone, the league imposed more than $165,000 in fines against Burfict for illegal hits in 2018. Coupled with today’s lowering of the helmet foul again Colts tight end Jack Doyle, Burfict could indeed be suspended.

A suspension is possible for Vontaze Burfict

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